what is computer? what are the uses of computer?

What Is Computer

Computer exhaustion syndrome is becoming more and more endemic as computers become common place in everyday life, if we use them for our tasks, entertainment, research or school. If you find it hard to work at your computer for long periods of time and are plagued by symptoms such as eyestrain, blurred vision, dizziness & headaches, red, dry or burning eyes and low energy you are experiencing symptoms of the syndrome that has become known as computer fatigue. Many people just do not realize how enervating working in a pc for long time periods can be. Just attempting to remain focused on the tasks you’re doing can be a major challenge.

What exactly causes computer fatigue syndrome? Aside from the bodily aches and pains of the syndrome that could be caused from ergonomic issues, the major culprit is the electromagnetic contamination emitted from computers, especially computer monitors. These energies have a negative effect on your body and sap your power as you work making you to be less and less successful and to look like it’s hard to stay focused on the job at hand. The electromagnetic pollution along with the glare from taking a look at a pc monitor screen especially contributes to the tired, burning eyes and headaches that a lot of us encounter after being on the pc for a while.

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Computer Uses

Many of you out there believe ram is stupid right? Well if you’re using your pc and your saying, your wrong. Memory is a short-term memory hard drive which keeps your applications running. Memory really keeps a history of all the software you have open on your pc. When you turn off your pc these discs are wiped. For every program you open on your pc the more Memory your computer requires. You might have noticed that if you’ve 20 programs open your pc will run really slow and if you have a couple of open it might have excellent performance.

Some of this occurs because of Ram. At any time you open a lot of apps your computer asks for more Memory, and if there’s not sufficient free memory available it’ll compress your information. It is slow when you’ve lots of software open since your overusing your computers memory capacity and it is to compress and decompress your application information every time you try and use it. You could also see software online going on about it will increase your RAMs efficacy, but they just close programs that run in the background and there’s a major waste of money.

If you want to close applications which are running in the background you can just press CTRL ALT DELETE -> Processes Tab then you click on a task and then hit End Task’. Memory does not necessarily affect your computers speed it may also function as the Pc Processing Unit, this part of your pc has different sizes that vary from 0GHz – 3.06GHz. Whether you have a pc that’s running on Windows XP with a little aperture such as 256MB I recommend you upgrade. Memory is simple to install all you need to do is open your hard disk drive then you’ll see an object which is comparable to your Memory stick that will be on your hand in the event that you’re planning on installing one.

Then there’ll be a free slot next to the Memory stick which is already on your computer. Simply cautiously place it in that slot and put your pc hard disk drive back together. In case your Memory is higher than originally then it means you’ve done it correctly. If you’re intrigued in purchasing more Memory because you’ve little. Look inside your computer hard disk drive find out what kind of Memory your pc uses then purchase that copy. In case your looking into buying Memory I suggest utilizing your local Auction website.


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